We use the best and trusted carriers in the business to make sure your Kuycon Monitor gets to you right on time. Before the monitor is sent to you, you will receive a detailed video with a check of your particular equipment (an individual serial number demonstration included).

The time required to ship your order is around 48 hours.

United States and Europe*

7-14 Days shipping:

149$ for a single Kuycon monitor,
249$ for each Kuycon monitor + Kuycon stand.

*shipping fee for the US and Europe already includes all customs and taxes, there won't be any extra fees on arrival.

Shipping to USA is free on all orders over $5000 or 4 monitors.
Shipping to USA is free on all orders paid by cryptocurrency over $2000.

Items in your order may have different shipping availability.

Please note

The exact shipping cost can be calculated only after the order is placed.
In case of refusal of the goods, the services for delivery in both directions are paid in full.

Other countries

Please contact our support team for more information about shipping costs and delivery time, our contacts.

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