Kuycon G34W

Kuycon G34W

34-inch glossy 5K display. Brightness up to 500 nits. Stunning 1200:1 contrast ratio and ultrawide viewing angle thanks to LG Nano IPS technology. Over a billion colors, delivered with pinpoint accuracy. Introducing Kuycon G34W, a professional display for your Mac, Windows and Linux.

One display to rule them all







Thanks to a variety of connections, including USB-C, HDMI, and DisplayPort, G34W supports all major operating systems and gaming platforms PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. All you need is to connect the cable and enjoy.

Kuycon G27-X
Kuycon G27-X

G34W monitor stand allows you not only to securely install the monitor and adjust its tilt angle, but also to rotate it 90 degrees*. And if you need a more flexible solution, then a VESA adapter is included, which allows you to install the monitor on a stand or on a wall.
*rotation is only available with a stand with height adjustment.

Your projects will become brighter.

The typical brightness of most ordinary desktop monitors is about 300 nits. G34W supports constant brightness up to 500 nits over the entire screen space, which allows you to achieve maximum brightness without any dimming.

500 nits
sustained brightness


Color that makes a statement.

G34W displays your work’s true colors. P3 wide color gamut provides a color palette capable of creating the most vibrant imagery. With over a billion colors, your work is presented in outstanding detail and with complete accuracy. Advanced calibration technology and a complex color algorithm deliver the highest level of color accuracy.

DCI-P3 92%, sRGB 99%
wide color gamut

HDR 400
High Dynamic Range


Kuycon G34W

Available for purchase from $1.299.

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